MN Chiropractors Forming New Network

MN chiropractors are being asked to consider joining a new state wide network of chiropractors. The network, Doctor’s Lodge Network is the brain child of Dr. Wayne Dahl founder of SUMA MRI in Golden Valley, MN.

The network aims to become a motive force for the chiropractic profession in Minnesota. Reports suggest that a maximum of 25% of chiropractors in Minnesota are members of the state’s only other chiropractic group, the Minnesota Chiropractic Association. Doctor’s Lodge Network sees that chiropractors are going to have to rally themselves and develop more clout if they are going to successfully advocate for the profession.

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Of major concern to chiropractors in Minnesota and the entire United States are recent attempts by the medical profession to curtail chiropractor’s scope of practice. While chiropractic has strong national representation in the American Chiropractic Association and the International Chiropractors Association, on a state level chiropractics representation is more diluted. This is of vital importance because scope of practice is mandated state by state. The chiropractic profession could see itself whittled down one state at a time. With only 25% of chiropractor’s currently represented through the Minnesota Chiropractic Association, if chiropractors are going to prevent the medical professions’ attack on our scope of practice, we need to be much stronger on a state level.

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Chiropractors are familiar with attacks by the American Medical Association. In what is referred to as the Wilke’s case by chiropractors, the chiropractic profession successfully defended itself against the AMA’s attempt to stamp out chiropractic. In 1963 the AMA established the Committee on Quackery. (The committee had initially been called the Committee on Chiropractic). The AMA orchestrated a nationwide attempt to curtail chiropractic. In the Wilke’s case the AMA was convicted of violating anti-trust laws.

Four decades later, in 2006 the AMA adopted a resolution to fund a study of chiropractors, acupuncturists and naturopaths qualifications. It did so in collaboration with an AMA-supported group, the “Scope of Practice Partnership”. The ultimate purpose of the Scope of Practice Partnership is to restrict the scope of practice of all non-medical health practitioners.

This collaboration now seems to have evolved into a strategy. The scope of practice of chiropractors is now being attacked on the state level, and the first state is Texas. The Texas Medical Association has sued the Texas Board of Chiropractic Examiners and is opposing the right of chiropractors to diagnose. They argue that only medical doctors have the right to diagnose patients.

The leadership of the Doctor’s Lodge Network sees that Minnesota chiropractors need to be prepared for such attacks in Minnesota too. Consequently the need for a network that not only serves chiropractors, but rallies them to defend their professional status.

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